Anna Lazuka

I can remember my first trip to Disney at age 5 with my family of four. I only had one brother-Joey, my mom, and my dad. We stayed at the Contemporary Resort then and each Disney vacation after!  My dad had each day planned out like a true travel-pro!!
We always found the best places to eat and he always made sure we had plenty of pool/waterpark fun!! I even chose a trip to Walt Disneyworld as my graduation present!! (I didn’t need a car, I had a Bike!!)
On my 18th Birthday, my parents gave me a Mickey mouse umbrella, and when I opened it up- $400 in singles fell out of it!!! I still have my original Mickey and Minnie stuffed dolls from my childhood visits. So as you can read, I have been a Disney fan from birth!!!
My dad used to say “I cannot wait to take my grandkids to Disney.” Unfortunately, he was only able to take them once before he got sick and passed away. I also lost my only sibling that same summer. I have amazing memories with them from Disney and am continuing to make many more with my own family.
I was lucky enough to take my mom on the Alaskan Disney Cruise last year. It was on her bucket list!!! If you have ever thought about visiting Alaska, this is the way to go, especially with kids!!!!
I have been with Mouse Made Simple for about 4 years now and still have to pinch myself that I am an authorized Disney Travel Planner. I get to talk Disney up to 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week!!!! I still travel to Disney with my family, but am fortunate to get to do a lot of my Disney training at Disney World and some training has been on the cruise ships.
I thrive in making peoples trips Magical and obviously LOVE what I do!!!