Heather Braslawsce

I am very excited to be joining Mouse Made Simple and Destinations Made Simple! My first trip to Disney World was when I was a child with my family and I fell in love with the characters, the rides, and especially Cinderella’s Castle, it was amazing! When we got back home I would watch Walt Disney every Sunday and wanted to join the Mickey Mouse Club.

In 1998 when I married my husband we went to Disney World for our anniversary and had an amazing time. The Polynesian luau was so exciting and staying at The Grand Floridian with the monorail was the best. To make things even more special I ran into an old girlfriend from high school who was playing Mary Poppins. As our children grew older we were able to go back several times over the years and have made wonderful memories with them. The best so far was the Star Wars Breakfast when the Storm Troopers escorted my son to the door when we left.

When I found out the MMS expanded and was now offering vacations outside of Disney I was thrilled! As much as I love Disney I love to travel and encourage my kids to travel as much as they can,” It’s A Big World Out There!!” We have been to Florida beaches, The Alamo, The Riverwalk in San Antonio, Hershey Park, Gulf Shores in Alabama, Virginia Beach, Put N Bay, Maine, Boston, Salem Massachusetts, Parris Island ( to see my son in the Marines), and we are going to Germany in December, I can’t wait to check out the Christmas markets!!

I am currently a special needs assistant and I want to take my love of helping people and carry it over into travel. I have wanted to become a travel agent for a couple years now and finally feel that I am at a place that I can make my dream come true. I am very detailed oriented, and love to learn and research new places, I want to treat every vacation like it was my own. Whether it be a trip where you are on the go learning about new cultures and places or a relaxing trip with your feet in the sand I want to help couples and families see the world.