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Betsy Tietjen

Betsy TietjenWhile late to the Disney park experience, I have fallen head over heals for Disney! I grew up on Disney movies and cartoons – I virtually wore out my aunt’s copy of Mary Poppins as I borrowed it indefinitely. The magic and adventure I had experienced in those movies, translated 100 fold at WDW. I teared up (and I still do the first time I see it each trip) when I saw Cinderella’s castle looming in front of me across Bay Lake. I want every person to experience this same sense of awe and wonder – you’re never too old to experience the magic of Disney.

I have a deep passion for travel and adventure. I believe travel is a time to learn new things, whether it’s about yourself, your family, or new information/cultures. it is also a time to build memories and experiences that you can always look back on and treasure – even the moments that are miserable at the time can be great story material later! I have travelled throughout Western Europe, other parts of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Hawaii. I have also been blessed to have lived abroad, in Ireland, as well. These experiences have shaped me and given me perspective on the world that I am very appreciative of.

I want to make every trip as magical and hassle free as possible – I want to anticipate the wants you know you have, as well as the ones you don’t know you have! Planning trips for my own family has been such a blessing. When we first went, and our daughter was just 4, we booked her into Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a total Tiana makeover, and watched her twirl about the park the rest of the day. We have moved on to new experiences each trip, that have really enhanced our experience.

A little about me and my family: I am a swim coach for a USA swim club in Cleveland, LESD, and for Mafield Middle School. I also run a Learn to Swim Program at Hawken School, and run the swim program for Hawken Day Camps. I am the Chair of my church, Bethany Covenant in

Lyndhurst, and I volunteer at my kid’s schools. I have a step-daughter who is majoring in physics at Cleveland Sate University, a daughter in 7th grade, a son in 4th grade, and another son in preschool! I love to camp, hike, backpack, kayak, workout, cook, read, garden, and oh yeah…travel!