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Patty Deloney

I am so excited to be a Travel Specialist working with Mouse Made Simple!  Mouse Made Simple started out over 13 years ago as strictly a Disney Destination company.  Over the last 13 years the agents with MMS have had tremendous success in making Disney dreams come true…. one memory at a time.  Now we have branched out to include vacations across the globe ~ Cruises, All-Inclusives, Beaches… pretty much anything you can think up ~ we will plan it for you!


I’ve always been a “traveler” by heart. I was born in Rhode Island, and lived in 3 other states before settling in New Orleans, where I lived until moving to Cleveland about 20 years ago.  While living in all of these places, my parents always made sure we did a lot of traveling in and around each area.  I’m proud to say I’ve been to all 48 contiguous states ~ and Hawaii an Alaska are on my bucket list!  When we lived in New Orleans, my first “real job” was working in the Tour & Travel Industry.  I worked with several tour companies and hotels in New Orleans, which gave me the connections that peaked my interest in traveling and lead me to where I am today.


After about 25 years in the Tour & Travel Industry, I took a leave of absence to raise my children…. But that didn’t stop us from traveling!  My kids (now 18 & 19) joke about the fact that they had passports when they were 2 & 3 years old!  Traveling always excites me…. and researching it is ALMOST as much fun.  If I haven’t been there in person… I’ve been there online!


When I was asked to join the team at MMS to help with the new phase of Cruises, All-Inclusives, and “everything but Disney trips”, it was literally a dream come true!  I’ve been to Disneyland and Disneyworld… several times, but my real passion is Cruising, Adventures, and mostly Beaching!  My husband and I have taken the kids to East Coast Beaches, California Beaches, Florida Beaches (too many to count), and as far away as Ireland!  We want them to see all that they can, and enjoy taking family trips as much as I did as a child.  The last few years we’ve visited destinations such as Vail, Cancun, The Riviera Maya, Bahamas, Los Cabos, several of the Virgin Islands and BVI’s, Key West, Miami, ….. and more!


I love doing the research… planning excursions… and making sure there are plenty of  days to just enjoy the sand on my toes, and the sun on my face.  When I plan your trip for you, my experience will ensure that all the bases are covered, and that you will experience the trip you have envisioned… the trip you deserve.


Hope to meet you soon!


Patty Deloney

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